Your 2018 GKCCONS Board

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Board Members and their Contacts



2018 Greater Kansas City Board Members


President: Brittany Waller                                              bwaller@kumc.edu


President Elect: Elizabeth Harvey                                EHARVEY@kumc.edu


Secretary: Cathy Glennon                                             cglennon@kumc.edu


Treasurer: Dawn Deacon                                              dawn.deacon@hcamidwest.com


Director-at-Large Chair: Diann Godbey                       dgodbey21@gmail.com

Director-at-Large Co-Chair: Erin Shonkwiler               eshonkwiler@kumc.edu

Director-at-Large Co-Chair: Jennifer Roggy                jroggy@kumc.edu


Programs Chair: Nicole Munday                                  nmunday@kumc.edu

Programs Elect: Kristy Reynolds                                 reynolkr@hotmail.com


Membership Co-chair: Kelly Haywood                        khaywood@kumc.edu

Membership Co-chair:  Marti Hoek                              mhoek@kumc.edu

Membership Elect Open


Nominating Chair: Kristine Bryant                                kristine0726@gmail.com 

Nominating Elect: Joann Adams                                  jadams@kumc.edu


Newsletter Co-chair: Wendy Lyles                               w2lyles@yahoo.com

Newsletter Co-chair: Brenda Sander                            bsander@kumc.edu


Social Media Chair: Yvonne Ward                                yvonne.ward@hcamidwest.com 


Archives: Melody Alexander                                          Melody.Alexander@hcamidwest.com


Immediate Past President: Jenny Arthur                      Jenny.Arthur@cerner.com